Tuesday, March 8, 2016

'Bring out the Sun’ this Week with Tatty Bumpkin’s Sun Pose – Give your child a chance to feel how far they can reach!

By Sue Heron – Training Co-ordinator Tatty Bumpkin and Paediatric Physiotherapist 

At a recent education conference (Dec 2015) Mr Bob Drew, headteacher at Grearies Primary School Essex, highlighted teachers at his school “had noticed very weak upper body strength particularly in four and five year old boys." 
He explained that over the past two years his teaching staff had initially noticed the children’s handwriting was becoming increasingly ‘spidery’. On looking carefully, they established that the children’s pencil grip was also very poor.  
Mr Drew speculated that this shaky pencil grip was related to weakness in the upper body-  possibly a result of increased use ‘soft touch’ digital technology and less frequent physical activity. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/12031506/Children-physically-weaker-than-previous-generation-a-leading-teacher-has-said.html

Weak upper body strength related to poor pencil grip? 

As a paediatric physiotherapist I feel Mr Drew could be correct as we need strong shoulder, back and tummy muscles to support our arms as we write or draw. 

When your child does Tatty Bumpkin’s Sun pose they will not only be gently stretching tight shoulder and chest muscles they will also be strengthening their upper body. 
Sun pose is also a great warm up for climbing trees or throwing balls! 

Tatty Bumpkin’s Sun Yoga Activity


With your child find a clear space on a carpet or mat. Make sure you both have room to stretch out your arms. 
Take off your socks and shoes to prevent slips and to help your child feel the floor accurately. 
Remember if you, or your child, start to feel uncomfortable as you do the pose - do stop! Always check with a health professional before trying the pose if you are unsure.

The Pose 

Sun pose - reach for the sun! 
  • Start Sun pose standing on your mats with your feet hip width apart. 
  • Slowly stretch your arms out to either side with your palms facing upwards. Encourage your child ‘to reach as far as they can go’ or to see if they can ‘touch the walls on either side', they might be surprised how long their arms are!  Hold this position for a few seconds to make the stretch extra effective. 
  • Then take your arms above your head in a wide arc keeping your elbows straight - encourage your child to copy you. Try to do this movement slowly so your child has a chance to really work those upper body muscles i.e. their shoulder, tummy and back muscles. 
  • Gently bring your hands together above your head so your palms are touching, slowly look up at your hands and feel how tall you are! Caution - Don't extend your neck too far back. 
  • To finish, slowly bring your arms back down to your sides and look straight ahead. 
  • You have both made a big sun shape with your arms with you head in the middle!

Note to parents. If your child is younger they may find it easier to do Sun pose sitting on the floor- as this is a more stable position. In sitting your young child will be able to concentrate on the main movement of this pose -  stretching their arms out wide and above their head.

Sitting on the floor and 'Saying hello to the sun' 

Would you like to make Sun pose harder?

Guide your child to try Sun pose kneeling up on their knees. Kneeling is a complex position and your child will have to work their hip, tummy, back and shoulder muscles even harder to do the Sun pose arm movements in this position.  
And/or encourage your child to take a big breath in as they bring their arms above their head and to breathe all the way out as they lower their arms back down.

Why Sun Pose is ‘Good for Me’

Sun pose will give your child a chance to: 

1. Stretch and strengthen their upper body muscles 
Even young children can spend a great deal of time sitting and playing with objects,  toys, (and digital devices) which they hold in front of them. In this playing position they can tend to slump, hunch their shoulders and not work their upper body muscles. 
When your child does Sun pose they will exercise all these upper body muscles i.e. their chest, back, tummy, shoulder and arm muscles whilst giving these muscles  a really good stretch! 

2. Refine their head movements for whiteboard skills 
As your child moves their head in Sun pose they will be stretching and strengthening their neck muscles and refining their postural skills i.e. keeping their body still whilst they move their head. In the class room, your child will use these selective head and neck movements as they look up to the white board and back down to their desk. 

3. Become more aware of their breathing
As your child takes big breaths in Sun pose they will become more aware of their breathing and how it feels to take deeper breaths. When they breathe in and raise their arms above their head your child will be giving their chest muscles an even bigger stretch!  

Love Tatty Bumpkin x

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

3 Yoga Inspired Activities for Your Child's Day.To wake up, to have a movement break and to calm down!

By Sue Heron Paediatric Physiotherapist and Head of Training at Tatty Bumpkin.

General advice 

Before doing these activities with your child:
  • Check you have space around you to avoid bumps.
  • Find a clean mat or clear area of carpet and take off socks and shoes to avoid slips.
  • Respect your body. Check with a health professional if you’re unsure whether the activity is suitable for you right now.
Find a clear place on a mat!

Morning Wake up - Friendly Frog Pose!

If your child is drowsy in the morning frog jumps will help them to become more alert.
If your child is wide awake, curling up under a lily pad combined with the frog jumps will help them feel more ‘organised’.

  • Curl up on the mat or carpet with your heads tucked in – you’re frogs sleeping under lily pads! Do a few yawns just for fun.
  • ‘Brrinng!’ That’s the froggy alarm, it’s time to wake up. Move into a squatting position with your feet on the floor and your arms between your knees so you can place your hands on the floor in front. Younger children may just wish to crouch.
  • Poke out your tongue a few times to catch delicious flies for breakfast!
  • It’s time to go! JUMP UP to ‘reach for the sun’ with your froggy hands. Younger children may just bend and straighten their knees, which is fine.  Children don’t usually learn to jump from the floor until they are about 2 years old. 
  • Do 4 leaps before curling up again to have a rest!  If you have time repeat the game.  
Hiding under the lily pad
Catching flies!
Jump up to 'reach for the sun!'

During the day - Clever Cat Pose for Clever Hands

Cat pose activates the shoulder muscles which are essential for dressing and writing skills. In addition, as your child waves their hand in cat pose they will be doing a pattern of the movement which is very similar to writing. Cat pose is also a great movement break for your child if they have been sitting for a-while.
  • Start on your hands and knees with your hands under your shoulders.
  • Gently curl your back upwards and back down – not too far mind.
  • Stretch one arm or leg to wave your cat paws or magic tails.
  • Repeat with your other arm and leg and ‘meow’ at each other!
  • Then crawl forwards and backwards or around the room to look for mice…
  • Try doing cat pose to Tatty Bumpkin cat song https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/this-is-the-life/id376347823 
Wave your magic tail and then the other one!
Cat drinking the milk

Drowsy Ducks for Bedtime

Time for bed and a good night’s sleep means more energy in the morning. Often children find it hard to calm down so they are ready for sleep. Drowsy ducks game will help your child take deeper, slower breaths which will automatically slow their heart rate – allowing them to relax.
  • Find two bath-time toy ducks – make sure they don’t squeak!
  • Lie down with your child on the mat or carpet and place your ducks on your tummies.
  • With your child looking at you show them how they can make their duck bob up and down just by moving their tummy! As you breathe in your duck should move up, as you breathe out your duck should move down. This is abdominal breathing.
  • Only do 3 – 4 of these deeper breaths in a row. Then breathe normally for a little while. Repeat a few times.
  • It's can be helpful for your child to do this activity to calming music. If you use the same music each time your child will soon start to link the music with the activity. Tatty Bumpkin's relax song is very peaceful and has been specifically written for relaxation https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/bendy-giggly-clever-strong/id376349531

Make the duck bob up and down on your tummy

Relax together for awhile!

Love Tatty Bumpkin x

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