Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Apples are not just for Eating.....

The apple orchard here (see above) at Tatty Bumpkin HQ is overflowing with apples, but we know there are so many more ways to use an apple first, before eating it. Imagine a pipe cleaner worm feeling its way through the juicy apple? balancing it on your feet? your head? and at the same time developing key childhood skills.We think out of the box and that's why kids (and their parents) love us!

Worm Time

In the Tatty Bumpkin Tree story this term, feed a pipe cleaner through a hole in an apple. Imagine the worms enjoying the Autumn harvest.

Why is this good for your child?
Not only are they using their 'fine motor skills' but using 'bilateral integration' which is where one side of the body is doing something different to the other. In this case, the activity is a great pre-writing skill.

Balancing Act

Why wouldn't you try and put an apple on your head and see if it will stay there?

Why is this good for your child?
Helps with postural control and balance skills. Concentration skills are required to maintain focus, and this is an essential skill in a hectic world.

Apple Harvest

Another activity in the worm story is picking up an apple using just your feet.

Why is this good for your child?
This activity streng
thens your child's 'intrinsic' foot and tummy muscles.
The game prompts problem solving and motor planning / sequencing skills. An activity where this might be required is putting on a coat, where planning is required to execute a sequence of events.

Apple Sigh-der

And after all that activity, place an apple on your tummy and lie down.
Shut your eyes and see if you can make the apple rise up and down by breathing into your tummy. Big in breaths and big out breaths. To release stress make your out breath longer than your in breath.

Best wishes Tatty Bumpkin

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