Thursday, October 9, 2014

Children Feel Better when they Talk to their Parents and are Confident in their Body

by Sue Heron Head of Training Tatty Bumpkin Ltd

An Interesting report has just been published by the National Office of Statistics on -

‘Exploring the Well-being of Children in the UK’ (08.10.14) 

I think it is no surprise that being able to talk to close family and physical health were both found to be really important for our children’s general wellbeing. The report highlighted that:
  • Children who said they had a relatively high satisfaction with life also said that they communicated more with their parents
  • The percentage of overweight children aged 2-15 years has fallen since 20O4 from 38% to 25% - great news! Previous research suggests that being overweight in childhood is linked to immediate and long-term physical and mental health risks. Mental health risks arising from body dissatisfaction, social discrimination, low self-esteem and low quality of life.
At Tatty Bumpkin we recognise the importance of helping families to establish close bonds and for everyone to feel confident about moving their body right from the start. Indeed in our feedback survey for 2013 - 100% of families and children said that they had enjoyed our Tatty Bumpkin and Baby Bumpkin classes.

Discussing a Tatty Bumpkin Adventure Together

Making Activity Fun!

Six Further Interesting Facts About Children’s Wellbeing  - See

1. In 2011-12 boys in the UK were more likely to be happy with their appearance than girls 2. In 2011-12 girls in the UK were more likely to use a home computer for homework, boys for computer games
3. Around 1 in 8 children in the UK suffered bullying in 2011-12
4. The majority of children in the UK talked to their mother about things that mattered in 2011-12
5. In 2013/14, around 1 in 8 children were a victim of crime in England and Wales
6. The majority of children in Great Britain had moderate to high life satisfaction in 2013.

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