Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tatty Bumpkin at LolliBop - It was all about having fun as a family but we stretched and strengthened our bodies too!

This year, Tatty Bumpkin and her animal friends went, once more, on an adventure to 'LolliBop’ and made many, many new friends!

Tatty Bumpkin with her bees!

Her Yoga activity adventures took us........

To Tatty Bumpkin’s House on Wobble Farm

Here we woke up with Tatty Bumpkin, finding out if we could all touch our knees and then, maybe, our toes! Important to keep those hamstring muscles long so we can sit well and not strain out backs.

Over the Rainbow!

Where we enjoyed exploring with all our senses, investigating streamers, feathers, butterflies, brushes (spiders in disguise!) and even ‘slinkys. We calmed our bodies down a little, so we could concentrate on some pretty clever hand skills, by listening to the Tatty Bumpkin Butterfly and Feather songs

Tatty Bumpkin Feather Song!

Into the Jungle...

Uh oh, be careful! Here we wriggled and squiggled as snakes under a cool green canopy, to the Tatty Bumpkin Snake song and balanced as trees, waving in the wind. All the time we were honing our core muscles and balance skills so we can sit, in a good position, almost without thinking whilst we are at nursery or school! We can then give more attention to those harder, thinking activities...

Off on our Bikes to the Windy Pond!

Tatty Bumpkin Cycling!
Here we discovered new co-ordination skills, and definitely strengthened our tummy muscles, whilst having fun altogether - well done to all the Mums and Dads! Strong tummy muscles help to provide a foundation for scribbling, drawing, writing and keyboard skills – you may also feel good about your body!


Then Finally Back to the Ducks and their Pond

Oh lovely! We just relaxed altogether, as a big family lying on the gorund, to the Tatty Bumpkin ‘This is the Life’ song After all, with the entertainment across the fields, it had been an exhausting day!

A Tatty Bumpkin Relaxation

Thank you to everyone who came to our sessions and for all your enthusiasm! Thank you to Leia, Tatty Bumpkin teacher St Albans, for leading the classes so well and thank you to Joni and all her team, from the South Bank Centre, for organising a very inspirational and varied kid’s area. Tatty Bumpkin loved hoola-hooping!

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