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The World of Tatty Bumpkin - An Amazing Summer of Holiday Clubs!

An Amazing Summer of Holiday Clubs!

By Sarah Grice Tatty Bumpkin Franchisee Worthing with added pictures from Tatty Bumpkin sessions held around the country.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the world, stimulating progress" A. Einstein

“I was certainly busy this summer, along with Tatty Bumpkin of course, providing Tatty Bumpkin family sessions, clubs for children with additional needs and longer ‘holiday activity' sessions which involved both craft and a Tatty Bumpkin yoga class. 

My own special highlights were the ‘Tatty Bumpkin Campsite of Dreams’ story and providing Tatty Bumpkin summer sessions for children with additional needs.


The Tatty Bumpkin ‘Campsite of Dreams’ Holiday Club 

 At the start of this holiday club session the children took time to make campfires and lanterns to use in their magical ‘Campsite of Dreams’ story.  As one boy waited excitedly to start the adventure with Tatty Bumpkin he whispered to me, “I’ve never been camping before, can’t wait to tell Dad!”


 Making lanterns ready for the campsite

Maybe concentrating on pitching a camp!
Children at Tatty Bumpkin session in South East Oxfordshire.

On this particular Tatty Bumpkin adventure the children had a problem to solve as Tatty Bumpkin had forgotten her pillow!  Oh No!

Quick as a flash one of the girls in the group suggested that we should collect some feathers as these could, of course, be used to make a beautiful soft pillow. What a great idea and soon we were all blowing our feathers to the Tatty Bumpkin Feather song. We didn’t just solve the pillow problem, we also had a chance to become more aware of our breath and enjoy a sense of calm.

A ‘Tatty Bumpkiner’ from Mid Sussex is just a ‘little bit in love’ with her peacock feather from her Tatty Bumpkin class - after all she was wearing the right dress!

At the end of the story we had pitched our very own magical camp, complete with a campfire – and it was time to start cooking! 

What would you cook on your campfire?


Working with Children with Additional Needs and their Families

A really special part of this job for me is working with children with additional needs. It is so clear to me just how much they get out of their Tatty Bumpkin sessions.

One little girl had been having a really tough day; at the start of the session, her play workers told me that she had been feeling very frustrated all day and had not wanted to have any time out of her wheelchair. However, as soon as our session started she was keen to be involved with the story. A beautiful smile broke out across her face and she was soon doing the yoga moves from her chair. Further into the story she wanted to be closer to the action so she asked to come out of her chair!

FANTASTIC - she ended her session stretched out with a duck on her tummy, relaxed and calm.  These kind of moments are just very special .."

 Sarah with one of her Tatty Bumpkin Holiday Club groups

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