Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The World of Tatty Bumpkin

Zoe Patmore, Tatty Bumpkin Franchisee in the Oxford area reflects on a recent Tatty Bumpkin class she led at her local primary school. 

Giving a child the opportunity to explore new places, even if it is only in their imagination, is something to be truly treasured, read on ...


Year One Pegasus Primary School Oxford go on a Sea Adventure with Tatty Bumpkin


“The sun had definitely got his hat on today at Pegasus School in Oxford when Tatty Bumpkin went to play with the year one students!

As ever their enthusiasm and amazing imagination had Tatty Bumpkin packing: a picnic fit for a king, her swimsuit and of course her wellies (just in case we found a puddle on the way).

Enjoying puddles!

Before we knew it we were spiders crawling down to the Giggle Tree with our faithful creepy crawly eight legged friend the spider.

Look! We can even blow Spider to the Giggle Tree!

After negotiating our way through the ever steadying Giggle Tree we found ourselves on the shore of a beautiful beach and the challenge to cheer up the poor mermaid was on! 

So off we went to explore the seashore finding treasures to make her a card. From slimy seaweed to arty starfish no pebble was left unturned!

How big a starfish can you be? 

Before we knew it we had created a card which indeed had all the splendours of a seaside! 

Pegasus Primary Oxford's Mermaid card.
Any child would happily loose themselves in such a card for hours on end

 Energy spent, we lay down and listened to the sound of the waves before our magical relax music took us safely back home to Wobble Farm.

 At the end of our session one of the children came up to me and said:

 "I don't mind that I haven't been to the seaside before because now I have been with Tatty Bumpkin!"

Tears welled in my eyes and a lump came into my throat but I could not help but think ‘Job done!’”

Zoe Patmore Tatty Bumpkin Franchisee Oxford.

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