Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2013 Week 21: Tatty Bumpkin's pose for the Week is RAINBOW

By Sue Heron – Training Co-ordinator Tatty Bumpkin and Paediatric Physiotherapist

The pose for this week in Tatty Bumpkin classes is RAINBOW. In the sessions this week your child will go on an adventure with Tatty Bumpkin high into the shifting clouds. Sunshine follows a thunderstorm and it is time for the fairies to hang out their washing to make a rainbow ....

You can dream under a rainbow!


What RAINBOW POSE Looks Like 



Stretch your arms out wide and imagine a colour.


What to Tell Your Child

Lie on your back, with your arms stretched out to either side. Slowly, keeping your elbows straight, bring both your hands together up, above your chest, so your palms are touching. Just like the arc of a rainbow. Then push your hands away, taking them back down to the floor. Repeat the movement whilst saying the colours of the rainbow. 
Young children may find it hard to roll in a straight line may be due to a variety of reasons:


Want to make it harder?

Imagine it is starting to rain. Remain lying down and stretch both your hands above your chest. Point to the sky with your index fingers and then take them down to touch your nose one at a time. Just like raindrops falling on your nose. Repeat the action but this time see if you can do it with your eyes shut.


Note to parents: If your child is younger they will find it easier to copy you. Start sitting back on your heels with your child in the same position facing you, see picture below. Take your arms out to the side and bring your hands together above your head, encourage your child to copy. Then take your hands down to your sides back to the starting position. Repeat the action whilst singing the colours of the rainbow.

Holding a shower ring with short ribbons attached in each hand will add to the fun.

Why it is ‘Good For Me’

Rainbow pose will give your child the opportunity to:
  • Stretch and activate their shoulder muscles
  • Activate their tummy muscles: as your child raises their hands above their chest and takes them back down to their sides they will be gently using their tummy muscles
  • Increase their awareness of their ‘midline’: your child will be taking their hands to and then away from their midline. Interestingly, it is quite hard for children to move their hands away from their midline & back down to their sides. These games working in the midline are great for developing pre-writing skills
  • Develop their spatial awareness (proprioception): both rainbow pose and playing the ‘raindrop game’, especially with eyes closed, helps your child build up a ‘body map’.  This map tells them about the position of their body at any one time and is crucial for more complex skills such as dance, football & writing. 

Make it Multi-Sensory, Educational & Fun

All our classes are linked to the new 2012 EYFS framework meaning that your child will have the opportunity to progress in all areas of their development, giving them a truly holistic experience.

In Tatty Bumpkin classes we use unique storylines to make the activities meaningful and to fire the imagination. Our poses, songs, rhythms and natural props ensure the classes are truly multi-sensory.

This week’s story is truly magical offering lots of opportunity for imagination. Tatty Bumpkin finds herself on a cloud. A storm is brewing and the cloud changes shape from a crocodile to a horse in the wind, what other shapes will it become? After the rain storm the sun appears and Tatty Bumpkin discovers she is surrounded by the Rainbow Fairies who are hanging out their washing. The washing will make the rainbow in the sky but one colour is missing, can Tatty Bumpkin help? She will need ideas form everyone!

Find your local Tatty Bumpkin class at  http://www.tattybumpkin.com/classes/find-class.html

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